“Come up with a name for the Microbrewery Brand it! Create a mighty fine brand identity Design the packaging for a range of beers (eg. Pilsner, Pale ale, Lager, & Stout)

All endorsed by Carlsberg, of course! 

Carlsberg’s core target audience are men, aged 20 – 25 years, who are ‘explorers’. Remember – Carlsberg is a global brand. 

Entries should be… Pioneering / Fearless / Engaging / On Brief! / Beautifully Executed
and have a BIG idea.” 



I decided I wanted to stay away from Carlsbergs “Football hooligan” stereotype, and decided instead to celebrate certain aspects of Denmark, as Carlsberg is a Danish Brewing Company. After reseraching Denmark I found that there are a lot of folklore and legends focusing on some of the countrys native animals. Because of this I decided to name each of my beers after animals I had found in Scandanavian and Danish folklore. Each of these animals had typically masculine connotations which fit well with the briefs target audience. 

I eventually decided to create a completely type-based label, taking inspiration from chalkboard typography, and using a variety of fonts. I created 3 beers; a Pale Ale and Dry Stout, and a ‘Special Edition’ Dark Stout. Each bottle has a back-story on the back label, explaining the relevance of the animal to Denmark, and giving a brief summary of it’s place in Danish folklore/facts about the animal itself. 


As well as creating bottle designs, I also decided to create the designs for beer cans; keeping the original type-based labels that I had created for the bottles, but modifying them slightly (so that the names of the beers stood out more).


I also designed an ad for the ‘Special Edition’ Dark Stout, reflecting the backstory in the use of setting and atmosphere. 



Album Cover Brief. April 2014

I was recently approached by a musician friend (Joshface5000) and asked to design artwork for his upcoming album, that will be released on bandcamp. I was given a relatively simple brief, that left me a fair amount of creative freedom.

“I would like an album cover incorporating multiple tones and textures. The cover must include water in some form and the words “JoshFace5000” and “The Remix Album”” 

I decided to use a ‘frost’ texture as a way to incorporate the water element, and kept the colour scheme and type relatively simple, using a sans-serif font.


University of Westminster, Comedy Society Brief. April 2014

I was contacted by a member of the University of Westminster Comedy Society, and commissioned to work on redesigning their logo. The logo will be used to promote the society, and will therefore be displayed on the Universities four campus’ throughout central London.

The brief for this work is working on our existing logo, but to make it a little less ‘mainstream ironic hipster’. I would like to keep the hipster glasses as a tip of the hat to the previous head of the society. I would also like to keep the same font and colours of the font from the previous logo (black and red). Apart from that you have free reign in creating the design. We would also like a copy of the logo with both the words ‘University of Westminster Comedy Society’ and without words.” 

I decided to incorporate the iconic hat and moustache of Charlie Chaplin, as I felt it related well to the brief. Charlie Chaplin is an iconic British Comedian, and so fits well in representing what the Society is about.




‘Salt’ Brief. October 2013


For the second brief of my course, we had to choose one word from the list, and extensively research every element of that word, before choosing one ‘interesting’ fact to base our final piece on. I chose ‘Salt’ and from my research chose to design an educational poster informing students about why salt is a necessity of life.

This was also the first piece of work I created using InDesign, having had no experience of it prior to starting University. I started by creating the main elements in Photoshop (unfortunately at the time I had no access to a Graphics Tablet, so the shapes were created using a mouse only). I created the organs etc using the line tool, before turning them into custom shapes.

I styled my poster on info-graphics, using minimalistic shapes and a simple cool colour scheme (I chose to stay away from loud colours as most often salt-related work is giving warnings and uses bold colours such as red).

Once I had created the main basis for the poster in photoshop (the body outline and organs), I transferred it to InDesign and added the text boxes.

September 2013. Country Brief.


I started the first year of my Graphic Design course in September 2013.

Our first brief was a week long group project groups of around 8 people, where we had to create a concept for a country from scratch. We had to design the related material, such as a name, flag, mascot, and a 10 point manifesto. We also had the option of choosing two other elements to design, such as; currency, a passport, stamps, a monument, a coat of arms, etc.

We based our country on the idea of a “paradise island”, where there is no technology, no tax, no currency. Everything is very simple and very relaxed, and everyone is equal.

After deciding which elements we were going to design, I was allocated the islands interpretation of ‘currency’ (which we decided the equivalent of would be the sign for the market/trading stalls).

We decided to aim for a rustic aesthetic, using simple lines and earthy, natural colours, as well as trying to make it fit with the idea that it could be hand-crafted (ie. stencilled).

I created these images using photoshop, and I feel that they worked well within the project, as well as complimenting to others designs.


Cornish Postcards Brief

Cornish Postcards Brief

April 2013.
While working on a College-set brief designing postcards for local towns, I decided to experiment with different techniques to generate imagery. I used my own photography and various tools in photoshop to create this image, giving it the appearance of an oil painting. While I didn’t use the image itself in my final pieces, I feel that it could be a useful technique to apply in the future.