Joshua Gray Photography Logo

“I would like to commission you to design a logo for my photography business. This logo would be used on my new website and perhaps as a watermark on my images.

I would like a fairly simple and easy to read logo. My photography is mostly based around nature so I would like it to fit nicely with the subject matter.

If you could give me a quote for your services that would be excellent, thank you.”

As this was a relatively open brief, I started by exploring the different directions I could take the logo in using markmaking and brainstorming. I decided to go down the ‘wildlife’ route as I felt using the copy ‘Joshua Gray Photography’ would give a more professional appearance, and that it would not need to be reinforced with the imagery of the logo itself.

Final Logo:


I chose serif fonts to make the logo appear elegant yet professional, as this fits the general theme of the logo. I also included small hints at the nature of Joshua’s photography in the silhouette of the fern leaves, however I didn’t want these to be the main focus of the logo, only to accentuate the overall brand mark.



I chose to use a different typeface for the watermark, as I wanted something simple yet elegant that clearly showed Joshua’s initials. I created a ligature from the two letters, as I felt it created a more cohesive design.

The logo and watermark I created are currently being used on Joshua’s website, which can be seen here. 


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