Stage 2. Mars One Project

The Brief;

Research the Mars One Mission and take into account people’s opinions with regard to the social and cultural issues that this exploration will raise. The planet will require a unique and memorable brand that would be appropriate and applicable to that of a newly inhabited planet.

A promotional campaign that communicates the rational of this colonisation and articulates the progress of the mission could be one way of promoting the planet’s brand and desired identity.

You will need to think about the applications that are relevant for this ‘destination brand’ and how you instil a sense of belief about the environment. How will you also set the rules; a manifesto, law or religion might be part of your overall story.

You can find out more about Mars One here.

Issues to address:

Mars One aims to create a human settlement on Mars, by sending individuals to the planet in small groups. This offers an amazing and unique opportunitiy to said individuals, with the chance to create a new life on the planet, giving them a fresh start. While sending individuals to Mars may be more practical in the beginning, in the long run it would be more beneficial to send families, introducing already established relationships etc to the colony.

Currently a vast majority of the applicants will be under 50 when they first arrive on Mars, leading to a young population. By providing the opportunity to families to make the trip, it would encourage older generations who may not have wanted to leave their families behind.

With the chance of more people also comes the issue of resources; in solution to this the company could terraform the planet, using existing science to ‘heat up’ the planet, which would lead to water accumulating and the atmosphere becoming breathable, meaning less resources would have to be sent from Earth.


Phoenix Aeronautic Enterprises

Phoenix; rising from the ashes, rebirth, reflects terraforming and bringing life to the planet
Aeronautic Enterprises; loosely explains area of buisness that the company is in, ‘Aeronautic’. etc


After expermenting with various approaches to the brand mark I decided to use the wings element of the phoenix, representing the name of the brand within the logo itself. (The wings also hinting at ‘travel’ and flight ie. space flight). I positioned them so that it almost looked like they were embracing something, a caring gesture, often related to family. I also kept them open, hinting at the open nature of the opportunity the brand would be providing; giving families a new chance and opening up new opportunities for them.


Giving families a fresh start.

I wanted the slogan to be simple so that it conveyed the aims of the company and project straight away.

9 v2Brand mark in context


Because my idea of a ‘fresh start’ and a ‘new way of life’ is reminiscent of the idea of ‘the American Dream’, I wanted my posters to have a ‘vintage/retro’ feel to them, similar to those that were used for advertising in America. While I wanted my posters to appeal to families, I also wanted to include small details so that it was clear that the place in the image wasn’t Earth, I did this by changing the colours of the ground and adding 2 moons. These elements should help make the message clearer, while also drawing attention to the posters themselves. I also included the brand mark and slogan below the poster.


Tired of city life? Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mars.
Looking for a fresh start? Discover new opportunities on Mars.


Posters in context


I decided to create a Television advert to go along with my posters, as I felt it was a good way to get the message across in more depth. I used a collection of clips I had gathered from various sources (as due to the advert being about Mars I had no way of gathering primary footage).

The music I used was a copyright and royalty free track by a musician called Ross Bugden.


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