Comedy Society- Panel Quiz Show

The Brief:

The brief for this work is to produce a television show logo. The show is a multi camera panel show shot in a TV studio in Harrow. It is comedy based, topical, and live in front of a studio audience.

We’re looking for a play on quiz in your face sounding like ‘jizz in your face’ so we’re looking for like a splat effect if I can put that any more plainly. We would also love to have a newspaper montage much in the style of Russell Howard’s Good News or Have I Got News For You.

-Adam Bloom, Westminster Comedy Society

As this was a pretty simple brief, and the client had a very clear view of what they wanted the end result to look like, it didn’t take me long to pull some ideas together. After a relatively quick process of initial sketches, translating those into digital form and refining it, this was the end result. I chose to keep just the word ‘Quiz’ within the ‘splat’, drawing the emphasis of the logo and also making the play on words more apparent.




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