The Brief:

Designers are often asked to peer into the future of where a brand could go, not only through the evolution
of its core visual and 3-dimensional equities but also in how far the idea could stretch.

Wanting to see the full potential and opportunity for a project, clients will ask to have a wide range of ideas across the evo-revo scale and this project will explore this issue. 

Select one of the brands given below and produce a wide-ranging sweep of ideas. Consider how the visual and physical equities could be developed, from the tiniest of tweaks to the most extravagant and wild gesture. Uphold the core principles of the brand / product and if possible try to strengthen, challenge or give greater meaning to it’s core ideals.

1. Heinz Baked beans in a tin
2. Mars bar confectionery
3. Volkwagen Beetle
4. Spam in a tin

I chose to develop ideas for Heinz Baked Beans.


‘Beany’ hats


‘Beany hats’ given away in a promotion; codes given out on the back of tins can be entered onto a website, when 5 codes have been entered the customer can order their free Heinz beanie hat.
The hat reflects the idea that Heinz baked beans are the classic comfort food, and are mostly eaten in cold weather; the hat emulates the warm, cozy feeling gained by eating Heinz beans.

Middle of the Road;
Heinz ‘Beans on Toast’ Dunkers


A snack version of beans on toast, using melba toast instead of toasted bread to increase shelf life. A self-heating element beneath the beans, activated by a button underneath (using the same chemicals etc that are used in self-heating coffee).
The product reflects Heinz Beans’ history of being a convenience food.

‘Guerilla’/Street Advertising using Public Fountains

fountain sketch

Make a public fountain in a town or city centre resemble a bowl of baked beans by adding orange dye to the water, and inflating orange balloons. The outside of the fountain would be covered in a green/blue piece of material to resemble the Heinz Beans tin. After a certain period of time the public would be invited to pop the balloons which contain vouchers/freebies.


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