The Brief:

To develop a brands narrative across a series of challenges. Explore how to
amplify and edit the core values of the given company and its products.
Start with a company statement and overarching myth; use this to establish and reflect a tone of voice
with relevance and accuracy. Work on a series of different approaches before fine tuning and moving on.

Choose one of the following companies outlined below and reflect their given values
through devising a brand name and 150 word ‘brand myth’. This story may contain highly factual material or
be completely made up. It may reflect history, ambition, politics or other criteria that at the end of the day,
create a completely believable story.
1. Drainage company; Fast, efficient, no job refused
2. Ethical food company; organic, taking a stand, field to fork conscience.
3. Economy airline; no frills, cheap, safe, bus
In the second phase, come up with product names for each, supporting slogan and short
paragraph describing its point of difference;
1. The Drainage company are launching a DIY drain unblocking liquid
2. The Ethical food company are developing an alcohol training drink for teenagers
3. The Economy airline are launching a sub brand to tap into the space tourism market

Final Solution:

Chosen Brand: Ethical Food Company

Brand Name: Kowse Gardens 
(Kowses- Cornish; Inward thought/conscience/conviction.)

Final Brand Myth:

At Kowse Gardens we’re passionate about celebrating 2 things: our products and our history (any excuse for a party). Like every good rags-to-riches tale, our story starts with humble beginnings; a rainy Cornish morning in 1983, a local farmers son loads up his market stall with his locally grown produce, dreaming of a day when he’ll own his own organic store. His idea is simple; to provide sustainable produce that has the appeal of supermarket products; but is also ethical and sustainable. 

After years of hard work and boring paperwork, his dream was recognized. While we may have expanded, our ideologies are the same, and are still the driving force behind everything we do. Even down to our name, which translates as ‘Conscience Gardens’.

For 30 years we’ve been providing sustainable products that can be traced all the way from the farmers field to your dinner table.

Brand Product: Kowse Gardens’ Forbidden Fruit Sparkling Cordial Liqueur

“We’re making the Forbidden Fruit more attainable”

‘Forbidden Fruit’ is a 3% ABV Organic Sparkling Cordial Liqueur, targeted at 14-17 year olds. The idea behind the product is to encourage responsible drinking in a safe or family setting. By allowing a teenager to drink in a safe environment, you are removing the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ element of drinking, and not allowing alcohol to turn into something that is idolised. In this way, if implemented correctly, Forbidden Fruits can help train teenagers to drink responsibly and make more mature decisions in regards to alcohol. While the name is appealing to teenagers, it also helps to get our message across to concerned parents, and represents what the product stands for.


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