The Brief:

Understanding our audience is essential if we are to produce relevant and meaningful design solutions and
this project is designed for you to come face to face with a given market group. By exploring an audience
photographically you will begin to consider the finer points that effect how we view a type of person
or consumer. How you look, point of view, eye contact, clothing and location give a sense of attitude,
confidence, frailty; in essence, how are a series of values or aspects of identity communicated in an instant.
In this project you will be exploring street portraiture in order to capture a truthful image around a set target
audience. You should ideally use a digital SLR but if not, other cameras or phones may be possible.
You need to choose an audience type from one of the following and take a series of images before they are
edited down to a final choice.
1. Urban youth,
2. Mature workforce
3 Real Cornwall.”

I chose ‘Real Cornwall’, and carried out 2 separate shoots during the week. I wanted to focus less on the tourism side of Cornwall and capture the side of it that people don’t usually see; the everyday people who live and work in Cornwall all year round.




Final Image:

I chose this image as I felt it portrayed a really strong sense of the subjects character. I like that the subjects manner doesn’t seem posed or awkward in any way, and that he has a very natural expression. Because of this I think the subjects personality showed through more in this image than the others I had taken.PRINTalt1


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