Stage 2. 1 week briefs. Week 1- Brand Language (Icon)

At the start of the new academic year we were set a series of 1 week projects. Each week we would be set a brief for the 2 sections of the course; Consumerism and Typography, which would run alongside each other.
The Brief:
“Brands are often made up of a complex set of values, carefully developed to make them relevant for a
particular audience and time. As a designer, ‘decoding’ the existing values or building blocks of a brand
can be confusing, as we try to understand the semiotics and meaning behind image, colour, sound and
smell; to give us insights, the point of difference and a unique story or ‘selling proposition’. The process
ultimately looks to distilling information down to an ‘essence’ of the brand. By creating mood-boards, word
maps, talking to user groups, visiting the ‘source’ (amongst an array of other research methods), the whole
universe of a brand can be revealed.

To really ‘get under the skin’ of a brand can take a long time or in industry, revolve around a large team.
Therefore we are asking you to think about yourself as a brand. What is your unique point of difference and
how might you communicate your core values to an audience of your peers.”

We had to choose 6 words that described us and create an icon based on a few, or all of them. My words were:
Pedantic, clumsy, ditzy, organized, perfectionist and polarized.

Screenshot_2014-09-28-12-07-34 IMG_20140928_121843   IMG_20140928_165324I chose to use a china ornament so that I could easily break and reassemble it (to reflect the value ‘clumsy’), I chose the bull as my star sign is Taurus (the bull) and it had intricate details on one side, which I thought reflected the ‘pedantic’ element. I also coloured half in solid black to reflect ‘polarised’ (as in polar opposites), and was careful when glueing the pieces back together, to try and show the ‘organised’ element.


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